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Hotel mortise lock Electromechanical

For all types of interior and exterior doors for locking without keys.

Lock dimensions enable replacement of older worn out locks without additional modifications.

Panic handle function with unlocking solely by pressing the handle. Mechanically adjustable handles orientation, the left or right.

Locking the latch against unwanted release during the door opening while the handle is not pushed to the lower level.

With self-locking function, narrowest lock on the market with 15 mm

Technical specifications
  • Latch bolt left, or right when turned over
  • Handle panic function mechanically adjustable for using purpose
  • All critical parts made of stainless steel, treated with new metallurgical technology
  • Electromagnet 10–24V DC / 250 mA, constant loading
  • Outlet for monitoring of the slid out latch, slid out latch bolt and of handle movement
  • Electric lock both handles, to be specified when ordering
  • Certified ČSN EN 12 209 safety class 6
  • Handle distance from lock face (including face plate) 50 mm
  • Handle to cylinder distance 90 mm
  • Square prism 8x8 mm
  • Face plate of the lock (mm): 230 x 22 x 3, radius R 11 mm
  • Dimensions (mm): 170 x 15 x 77
  • Warranty: 5 years
Ordering code
  • HOT EL 9050

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