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Key Deposit Box

Up to 10 keys can be safely deposited. Access to own key only. Signalling of unreturned keys. Perfect solution is for medical ambulances, pharmacies, offices, workshops, households etc. Key with cover may only be inserted into an open positionlock signalled , with the green LED diode.

Simple operating – keys are collected from or deposited into the box with a personally selected code.

Entering a personal code opens the door and a green indicator on the key panel signals the position for collecting the key. Returning the key requires the same procedure. When the key is returned into the designated slot on the panel, the green indicator is switched off, and the key is locked. The key may only be returned into its original position.

Permanent red position indicator signals a collected key. This enables quick check of over unreturned keys.

When a vacant key position is not assigned to a participant code, panel indicator is not switched on, and the position is locked.

Programming – either via programming mode, or USB connection.

Adapter - 15V/1,5A

Backup - 12V accumulator

Signalled events:

  • Authorized key collection upon entering code
  • Authorized key deposit upon entering code
  • Forced key removal
  • Forced key deposit
  • Correct code entering
  • Entering configuration mode
  • Access from a PC via USB
  • Key case reset
  • Main power supply outage and switch to backup (accumulator)
  • Restoring main power supply
Technical specifications
  • Electrically lockable glass door
  • Electric locks with an alarm for inserting keys
  • Power: 15V/1,5A
  • Backup-power: battery 12V
  • Unbreakable glass double layer thickness 7,5 mm
  • metal keyboard 3 x 4 button
  • Dimensions (mm): 330 x 270 x 95
  • Warranty: 5 years


Key cover (or key case) secures the correct key, which must be guarded, it is not interchangeable with another key in the key cover. Both halves of the key cover (key case) are glued and pressed together with the key. The customer shall perform this by himself.

Key cover (key case) is plastic with a stainless steel pin.

Keys are fitted with numbers from 1 to 10 and are integral to the box.

The pin is inserted into the key cover (key case), for depositing a key into the box, the pin is turned and inserted into the adequate numerical position in the box.

Key cover (key case) is fitted with a space for another set of keys on a ring

Functional design for comfortable door locking and unlocking.

The pin is embedded on the top side of the key cover. The key is safely deposited in the box by simple sliding out of the pin.

Ordering code
  • Black: SKR 1
  • Red: SKR 2
  • Yellow: SKR 4
  • Carbon:SKR 5

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