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Spring Contacts for Doors

Simple energy transfer from the door frame into the door itself. Door contacts are embedded in both the frame and the door. Upon closing the door, the spring contacts connect, and create an electrical circuit with the lock or the magnet. The areas of door contacts are large enough to enable a reliable energy transfer even in case of the door being moved within the frame or in case of imprecise assembly. Window security. The security loop is broken with the window being opened. State of danger.


- 4 pieces of plastic washers used to define the clearance between the door frame and the door.

Technical specifications
  • Connection type: three point
  • Contact area: 10x10mm
  • Contact material: steel, brass, nickel
  • Voltage/Power : 12V/30W 2A max nebo 24V/30W 1,3A max
  • Load under voltage unlimited
  • Dimensions (mm): 16 x 86 x 31

Option of adding face plate

Use especially when there is a small gap between a closed door and the frame. The door contact is screwed onto the face plate and attached with two bolts to the door or the frame.

Face plates may be ordered individually.

Technical specifications face plate
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Dimensions (mm): 18 x 110 x 1,5
Ordering code
  • without a face plate: PRK 1
  • with face plate: PRK LI

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